Afiliat - 2017-ongoing collaboration

A project done by Jens Moland and myself, a collection of people and projects that challenge the traditional idea of both art and business. In many ways a creative collective from different parts of the world that work together to create entirely different ideas of work while stil fitting into a space in-between art and commercial expression. How do we do what we want while not being famous artists? How do we create things we have no idea of how to make work? we collaborate, for this the answer is often a space between new technology and experienced people. Creating art projects, editorials, set design, graphic design, photography and experience events we spam over a wide spectre of fields while still being able to connect with specialists and the audience. So what we do when our skill does not extend our imagination is gather together, and in that space our imaginations will not be limited. 

A team at this point in early 2019, consisting of about 20 people in widely different fields spanning from Art to Marketing to Photography to Design to Coding to Cutting Edge Technology and New Age Fashion, we have a lot to offer. 


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