Study of Mechanical Interaction - 2018-2019

Day after day in bed with machine. What will it make us feel? A place so intimate, rearly shared by others than those of close emotional relations. A space reserved for rest, love and sex. Could our human sentimental trait for objects evolve to something stronger at this point in time? 

With the use of a trail camera, made for capturing pictures of wild animals, Gundersen is surveilling his every movement done around the machine. Strapped to the edge of the bed the camera will document all Gundersens doings intimintly for weeks. The project will be presented as single images, a text, a time lapse, a big scale collage and two posters. Not censoring any moment. The posters and text will also present the connection between this project and Tonya Vingradova`s project, “With Whom Will I Sleep Tonight”. This will also work as a project for Gundersen to find familiarity with the machine for the bigger project, Mechanophilia.

MX1 loves MX2
MX2 Loves Machine
Machine is compatible with MX

MX1 envy Machine
MX1 adopt from Machine
MX1 become part Machine

MX2 use Machine
MX2 admire Machine
MX2 brings Machine to bed

Machine is created by MX
Machine is used and evolves
Machine becomes MX


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