Mechanophilia - 2018-2019

“A subject area that includes the love of or sexual attraction to machines. Also, sexual relations between living organisms and machines.”

This is a story about our relationship with machines and technology in our time. We are creating a four part exhibition built around the performance done by Nik Gundersen with the sculpture of Kit Wan. It will be consisting of the performance, a series of paintings by Tonya Vinogradova, a photography series by Duy Nguyen and one art film by Simen Ulvestad and Nik Gundersen.

A strong relation with a person symbolises intimacy, rawness, realness, strong emotion and love. A strong relation with a machine brings the same thoughts to mind, but the physical image of intimacy with a person and a machine is very different. So what is brought forward when we start a sexual relationship with our machines? They have been built by us, infused with our thoughts and practical needs, is this machine an extension of us? If this is the next step in our evolution, how will it change our relationship with machines and how will this relationship change us as people and how we relate to each other?

Attachment to things used to be normal. People value books, photos and clothes that remind them of important events and close people. The range of feelings which a person used to feel to inanimate objects has expanded with the development of artificial intelligence and robotics. It turned out that machines can be loved, wanted, and still perceived as friends or the continuation of ours  "I"

Sherry Turkle in the book "The Second Self" gives like an example relations between Anthony - a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and computer. After an unsuccessful experience with girls, Anthony chose to date with computers. According to Julie Carpenter, society should relate to love between man and the machine calmly, but critically: "You cant slow down technological progress, but you need to keep a constant discussion."

“At first, sex with machines may seem like a perversion, but as soon as any magazine like Cosmopolitan publishes an article entitled“ I had sex with a robot, and it was great, ”many people will go for it,” Dutch explorer David Levy believes.

Through our project our team wants to show that as fast progress as going forward , intimate connection with machines starts to be normal part of life.

Kit Wan - Fashion Designer and Sculptural Artist
Nik Gundersen - Art Director and Performance Artist
Tonya Vinogradova - Art Painter
Duy Nguyen - Photographer
Simen Ulvestad - Videograf
Moina Tamuly - Tech Manager
The Machine - #920124