Study of a Distant Relation of Love - 2018-2019

A photography book created as a documentation and in honour of Nile Guiraud. It´s a collection of photographs, Digital, Analog, and Screenshots from skype conversations. The book also consists of a various extracts from email and text messages, both narrating parts of the photographic dramaturgy and as transactions between the 5 photo-series that builds up the book. The chapters focus on each of their own aspect; “Objects Observation” a story of common inspiration and focus on small moments that mean a lot and are recognised from seemingly abstract and empty pictures. “9m2 Obsession” is a tale spun from morning til evening in one room; how much the room evolves depending on the feeling of two people inside and how little everything else matters in those moments of isolation. “Digital Closeness” focusing on the distant but closeness of having a relation through video chats and texting. Falling asleep and waking together and comparing how things look through a screen and in first person, the feelings of a virtual relation. “Lost Again” being about moving and experiencing the outside together, following her moves through the streets, and obsessing over blurry moments. Then “Roses” the climax and contrast of the series, a series relating to the surreal feeling of looking at each-other and the aspect of the ´duo existence´.

First edition printed, holed and hand crafted with 15 meters of thread into classic Japanese bookbinding technique with cover of handmade Norwegian 650g paper that evolves over time depending on how it is read and bent.


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