Ecstatic Clubbing - 2019

A addiction and evolvement to a ongoing series of films exploring culture trough cross media editing in a stylistic new age expression. Capturing smaller moments and clipping them til a consecutive experience built to give feeling of the environment and music. A film made in the techno club event Slubb at Blå Oslo featuring the DJs 123 LUCA DJ & MAGNUS AH OK. A underground kind of scene going from sweeter tunes turning into a nonstop techno wave. A feeling of beating fastness soaked in movement with breaks of familiarity comes from the music and in are reflected in the video.

Leather Bags - 2018

A video made for showcasing the T-Michael Leather Bag collection in a conceptual format. The start is build on how the products presentation of the shirts was made earlier the same collection and push them out of the picture, drops a horrific sound to grasp attention and then starts playing the first music recorded playing at a burlesque show in London in the 1940s. Traditional, but contemporary, sensually dragging you in to a world of details and shapes. And most importantly, texture of world class leather, a physical feeling.

Bronze & Silver - 2018

A film about midcentury Scandinavian jewellery design, also a continues part of the series exploring new formats within film. Here giving away control of the filming and seeing it move into something even more personal. Merging shots between studio and the sea that surrounds and are such a big part of these places the jewellery have been designed in. Clothing from T-Michael and jewellery from Modern Tribute.

Affiliate - 2018

The starts of a series of films exploring the digital format of film in more abstract ways. The format takes classical models of dramaturgy and visualises them in a different way. Here at a point of being about evolving this into a stylised kind of video  that can be tested in different fields, planed to test from editorial style to covering of music and artistic events and when the format is properly understood and used, try it for art filmography. This video is covering the editorial shoot of vintage military garments “Affiliate” and the themes of a lost kind of fashion and quality and putting it into a new context. 

2:50 - 2018

A very simple format for exploring both the idea of double exposure and story telling trough several videos at once. Part of it finding very interesting, plan to explore this technique more especially with layover of storys by sound and that kind of concepts making the video more a secondary part of the presentation. A day following the photographer Simen Ulvestad on his moments off.

4-EYES - 2018

How to relate the glasses that is the product to the man making them? Collage, thought as a good concept, so filming trough a day of shooting product shoots and on face shoots and putting is all together into this fast pace demanding presentation of these handmade T-Michael designed glasses. Also a shout for attention in a pool of videos and products. 

Experimenting with Mediums - 2018

A video from the exhibition “Experimenting with Mediums” made to be part of the evolution chain of mediums presented. A overly digitalised way of presenting a presentation is the idea. The mediums using effects from each-other to complement a cross media installation. Presented on computer screens hanging from the roof. Also a part of the series of videos done under Afiliat exploring the format of movie in new ways.

Afiliat X Villageboy 256 - 2018

A collaboration done with the curator Villageboy 256. He is a analog photographer and stylist focusing on vintage clothing in modern context. Here is also a start of the Afiliat projects using projectors in different ways to modify our environment. Here using four people filming with different phones and a fusion of both digital and analog photography, created trough sequencing the full amount of content trough channels that generate a movement and using this in a new way to cut the production time and do part of the choices “computer chosen”. Also a part of a series of videos pushing the film format in different directions as exercises.

Coastin - 2015

A project done in collaboration with the Norwegian artist Hasta. Directed and filmed by the 16 year old Gundersen it is a video that is a visual expression of feeling, before being a dramaturgic story. Using projectors, smoke and a high contrast filter he manages to blur the thin line between something looking digitally made and being actual objects or person filmed. Using such amounts of layers trough the video it is supposed to feel like a maze seeing the inner parts.